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Our Artistic Mission 

Audacious Theatre produces theatrical events that stimulate the imagination and the senses. Through the melding of art forms, we explore the boundaries of live performance and seek to provide entertainment through immersion, innovation, and collaboration.

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Our productions are immersive. We use multiple theatrical elements to create a world which surrounds the audience. Each performance includes elements that are designed to stimulate all of the senses, including taste and smell.


Our productions are innovative. Many works are original pieces, created from the ground up. Other works, though not original, push the boundaries of storytelling and theatrical performance.


Our productions are collaborative. Our artists are movers and shakers who understand how powerful art can be when it comes from the melding of minds. We believe in cross cultural connections and bridging the gaps between artists in different mediums. Painters, illustrators, video artists, graphic designers, puppeteers, musicians, dancers, and singers converge to make art that is accessible for diverse audiences.

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