Audition for Audacious

October 2020

Murder At

the Drive-In

Audition for Murder at the Drive-In

An Immersive, Pandemic-Proof, Horror COmedy



The Shining Light Drive-In is hosting special Halloween screenings of the best bad horror movies of all time. But a series of questionable decisions throw the management, employees, and audience into the middle of a supernaturally charged horror show filled with murder, masked killers, and classic horror film tropes.



  • Hannah Belle - (femme or NB) Drive-In Manager. Skeptical leader trying to keep it all together while it all falls apart. 

  • Norma - (femme or NB) Assistant Manager. Wannabe Necromancer and horror film snob.

  • Chuck - (any gender) Employee at the Drive-In. Not the brightest, but always ready to help out.  

  • Cara Del Cuero - (femme or NB) Employee at the drive-in, aspires to be the manager and/or on the local news.

  • Mooney - (any gender) Drive-In Security Guard. More Dunning-Krueger than Freddy Kreuger. 

  • Mikey - (any gender) Employee at the drive-in, Norma’s younger sibling. Intellectual Satanist. 

  • Nameless Drive-In Staff (multiple, any gender) - An assortment of Red Shirts and vessels waiting to be possessed. 


Note on Audacious’s Casting: We welcome submissions from all types of people, and strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, and LGBTQ+ persons to apply.


Important Dates:

  • Audition Submission Deadline: Saturday, August 22

  • Rehearsals: Aug 29 - Oct 9

  • Tech: Oct 10 - 15

  • Previews: Oct 16-17

  • Shows: Thurs-Sat Oct 21-31


Please note: Performances will start at 7pm, and finish by 8pm. That leaves participants plenty of time for their own post-show Halloween-related shenanigans. 


How We’re Handling the Whole Pandemic Thing:

  • Rehearsals will be virtual, with named characters recording their vocal performances ahead of time. Most of the story will be driven by staff “announcements” broadcast over the radio. 

  • Starting at the end of September, we will hold in-person rehearsals for small groups of no more than 3 actors, outdoors, socially-distanced, and masked. 

  • Performances will be outdoors. Costumes will be created to withstand the elements. 

  • All actors will be masked and audience members will be required to stay in their vehicles for the whole performance. 



Audacious Theatre is a collaborative company. Stipends are determined based on contribution. Everyone will receive a minimum $50 stipend, with bonuses paid based on ticket sales and any additional labor provided (costume assisting, prop-making, set painting, assistant directing, etc.) 

How to audition


1. Choose Sides for the character(s) You want to audition for


*Click on a name to go to the sides for that role

2. Fill out and submit an audition form

*You can indicate that you would like to audition for multiple roles, but please only submit video/audio for one character.

3. Wait for a callback


We will be accepting submissions until Saturday, August 22nd, with literal call-backs August 23-26th (literally. We’ll follow up via zoom chat or phone call). 


Additional Questions?