The Kabouter Salad

Fresh arugula topped with fennel, dried blueberries and Asiago cheese.




The Tailypo Alfredo

Tender fettucine pasta and chicken tossed in a creamy Parmesan sauce


Chubacapra Chimichurri

Savory beef tenderloin in a red chili and lemon zest chimichurri sauce



*Creature Conservationist Option*


Pooka Portabellas

Roasted portabella mushroom caps with a vegetable quinoa medley.

Vegan friendly.




Revenant Repellant Potatoes

Garlic & herb mashed potatoes


Jenny Greenteeth Greenbeans

Fresh green beans with fire-roasted tomatoes




The Mischievous Brownie

Fresh baked chocolate brownie topped with ice cream and warm caramel


*Dessert will also be available for show only ticket holders to purchase the evening of each show.

Dinner with the Dhamphir

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