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Audition for Audacious

Gender, Fucked!

A Binary-Busting Night of Performance


Audacious Theatre Auditions for Woodlands & Wyverns

Rehearsals: Evenings late May - early July (dependent on actor availability) - Must be available for read-through at 7:00 PM May 13th

Performances: July 12-27, Fri & Sat 

Compensation: Stipend plus a bonus based on ticket sales



Audacious Theatre is holding auditions for their new immersive show Woodlands & Wyverns, a comedic love letter to Dungeons and Dragons. Woodlands & Wyverns brings audiences inside a tabletop gaming session full of in- and out-of-game drama, heart, and a whole lot of magic.


Note on Audacious’ Casting: We welcome applications from all, and strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, and LGBTQ+ persons to apply.



Rachael (20-30, female/femme): Rachael is extremely intelligent and clever, but has been closeted about her love of games and nerd culture her whole life due to discrimination she faced in the male-dominated gaming community. This event is her first time gaming with people outside her family, and she is both excited and nervous to get involved.


Brett (20-30, male): Brett is a passionate alpha-nerd, always taking the command in games and social settings. He can be crass, with an in-your-face aggressive attitude and a chip on his shoulder. He takes great pride in his Woodlands & Wyverns character - Braun - who is everything he can’t seem to be: brave, righteous, and able to save the day as a true hero.


Theodore (20-30, male): Theodore is quiet, observant, and a quick learner. Typically he limits himself to only playing MMORPGs, but has decided to try out Woodlands & Wyverns to make up for lost time with his irl friends, despite the imminent - and debilitating - social fatigue.


Audition Dates: Sunday May 5th & Sunday May 12th 10am-1pm

Audition Location: Vision Comics 3958 S Federal Blvd, Englewood, CO 80110


Preparation: No monologue preparation required; sides for warm readings will be provided. Be prepared to stay for at least 30 minutes in order to read with other actors. If you are unable to attend the above audition dates, video submissions will accepted until May 12th. For video submissions, please send a 1-2 minute performance of a comedic monologue to


A Note on Woodlands & Wyverns: As an immersive piece, this play has multiple endings that are dependant on dice rolls made by the audience. As such, actors will be required to memorize multiple versions of scenes and be able to switch between potential versions during performances.


To schedule your audition or request more information, contact Logan Custer at

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