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Transporting imaginative players to high-fantasy lands of elves and orcs to battle monsters and save countless kingdoms, Woodlands & Wyverns has been a staple of the gaming community since the 1960’s. Once considered a game played in isolation and dark basements, the Story Tellers of W&W now invite live audiences to participate in roleplaying spectacles of epic proportions!


this immersive event is the first of its kind, allowing the audience to roll dice in order to change the outcome of the story itself. With ten possible scene variances and four unique endings, no two viewings of Woodlands and Wyverns will be the same! We invite you to participate in an all-new campaign for life-long nerds as well as those just dipping their toes in nerdom and its many wonders!

The Characters

The Story Teller

A crafter of worlds, they are the players' guide through their adventure. They command the creatures and embody the characters of the world. They are not to be trifled with. 

Played by Elizabeth Porter

The Story Teller

First Level Druid - Neutral Good Tree Elf

Played by Urie

"Fae" for short, She is an Animal Affinity Druid. She has multiple Animal Shape spells she can use for stealth and combat (but she frequently forgets to use them.) She always attempts to avoid violence, but she has access to some of the best attack spells in the game, such as Squirrel Swarm (which she also forgets to use). All her other spells, such as Fauna Dialects and Spirit Communicae, take extremely long and intricate rituals to perform


First Level Bard -

True Neutral Half Orc

Played by Rachel

Vyx is a classic travelling bard, searching for her long-lost family. Kidnapped as a child, she was sold to a travelling circus as a side act. There, she suffered greatly at the hands of elves who had a deep prejudice against Half Orcs. She eventually escaped with the help of a kindly Duke who paid for her to enter the School of Boldness and become a capable Bard. As the Bard, she has the highest Eloquence of the party. She casts spells by playing her “lute:”, including insta-killing AOEs like Sonic Hammer

Braun the Dragonslayer

Second Level Paladin - Lawful Good Human

Played by Brett

 self-righteous and “selfless”, He is a classic white knight, and a member of the Brotherhood of the Purest Light.He carries his broadsword, the Blade of Taborlin with great pride. And yes, it is made of copper. His top spells include Place Palms and Marking Strike.

Braun The Dragonslayer

First Level Warlock - Chaotic Evil Daehling

Played by Theodore

Daehlings are Hated by all other races, but have great power as warlocks. He is Soul-Locked to Fuuthulu, the unknowable Eldritch Evil God of Eternal Dark Chaos. As long as he spreads Chaos, Fuuthulu grants Earnest immense power for blowing things up and destroying things with Eldritch Blasts and Eldritch Tentacles. He has excellent healing abilities with spells like Eldritch Stitches. 


The Players


Alex is a life-long nerd girl. Her whole family is nerds; both of her parents were in on the first generation of computer games in the 80s and the first Edition of W&W in the 70s. Raised in the culture, she’s been quietly fighting the anti-female attitude of the scene her whole life and has managed to built a bit of a reputation for herself as one of the few “real” gamer girls. She definitely harbors a level of resentment towards the men who forced her to work that hard, but ultimately she is proud of everything she has accomplished. While she plays many games and participates in many fandoms, W&W will always be her first love, and is passionate to pass on that love to others by creating immersive, creative campaigns that engage the whole party in some way. She also loves to subvert expectations, just for kicks. She tries to co-create with the party as much as possible, but has her breaking points (as all GMs, DMs, and STs do).

Played by Elizabeth Porter

The Audience (that's you!)

Be a Part of The Game!

Learn the Rules & Make your Own Character

Roll to Roll play a NPC! 

(that's a non-Player Character for the noobs)

Alex (the ST) requests the aide of three audience members to portray her minions in the game.

You can roll to play:

The Dragonbreed Messenger 

The Mysterious Peddler

The knight, Sir Ballatadortriana

The Sickly Child

When you arrive, roll the d20. The top 4 rolls will win the parts!

Roll to Roll the D20!

The game you watch is entirely dependent on you! We need audience members ​to throw the (giant) d20 which will determine success or failure and ultimately, the ending of the adventure. 

When you arrive, roll the d20. The top four rolls will win NPC parts, the next four rolls will be our d20 rollers!


Eat like a Nerd!

Snacks are a crucial part of any Role-Playing Game.

And just like in any RPG, you have choices:

Visit SmackDaddy Pizza Before the Show

They have all your hot food needs covered. Arrive at least 15 minutes before show time so you have time to purchase food. Don't worry, you can eat it while you watch the show!

Visit for the menu & more info


Visit the Audacious Snack Bar inside Vision Comics for your nerd snacking needs

We'll have All the Mountain Dews, Cheetos, Doritos, Pretzels, and more! perhaps some nerdy baked goods, too!


The snack bar will be available before the show and during intermission

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