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2020 Season

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Drunk Christmas: Home Video Preview

Drunk Christmas: Home Video Preview

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Season’s Greetings

One and All! 




We at Audacious Theatre know that the pandemic has Scrooged on our holiday plans. But we're bringing our annual, holiday fundraiser to you, with “Drunk Christmas: Home Video!” !


In the “spirit” of good cheer, our creative team has put together this hilarious, drunken, home video rendition of A Christmas Carol featuring an all-star cast of Audacious performers and their animal companions. 

You can click here to watch the full-length version of “Drunk Christmas: Home Video!” 

You can also access the individual episodes here:

Episode 1 - Scroooooge

Episode 2 - Humbug in the Counting House

Episode 3 - Marley's Ghost

Episode 4 - Christmas Past

Episode 5 - Blue Christmas

Episode 6 - At the Cratchits

Episode 7 - Fred's Party

Episode 8 - Christmas Yet-To-Come

Episode 9 - Why, it's Christmas Day!

We know the pandemic has hit a lot of us hard. As always, we're providing access to Drunk Christmas on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.


If you have the extra scratch to spare, your donations will go towards bringing more unique, whimsical, sometimes-spooky, and just-plain-fun theatrical events to Colorado. 

However, we're happy to offer it for free to spread some much needed Christmas cheer on the dumpster fire that is 2020. And, as a thank you.  Because you think what we do is cool enough to be a part of our audience. 

Love and cheer, 

The Audacious Theatre Creative Team


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