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Celebrate Halloween in True Crime Fashion with our new, immersive entertainment experience for Halloween in Denver.


You’re invited to a devilish masquerade party unlike anything in the mortal realm. Elizabeth Bathory, “The Blood Countess,” has opened the gates of Hell to the living, and as entertainment, she is offering up the tales and talents of famous female killers from across history. 


Six equally evil murderers will answer all of your questions about their crimes — in horrifying detail. Then, after an evening of performances and interrogations, the audience will decide the ultimate fate of these rightfully tortured souls. 


You’ll get the chance to converse with:


Lizzie Borden

Jane Toppan

Myra Hindley

Aileen Wournos

La Voisin

Credonia Mrewinde


Lady Killers: Masquerade of Murder is Audacious Theatre’s 6th original immersive horror production. We develop unique Halloween events in Denver that surround and engage the audience. And we infuse each experience with our signature blend of dark humor, creativity, and entertainment. 


Lady Killers: Masquerade of Murder will merge the intrigue of true crime drama with the theatricality of a glamorous masquerade ball to deliver a Denver Halloween event you'll never forget. 


Go behind the mask of history’s most fascinating and despicable female murderers at a fabulous masquerade party, complete with music, dancing, and refreshments. Costumes are encouraged, and prizes will be awarded to the Best Dressed and the Best Masked. 

October 8th - 31st

Fridays & Saturdays

Doors at 7, Show at 7:30

Plus! Special Halloween Performance on

Sunday, October 31st

Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory

La Voisin

La Voisin

Jane Toppan

Jane Toppan

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden

Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley

Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos

Credonia Mrewinde

Credonia Mrewinde

Go behind the mask of history’s most fascinating and despicable female murderers

Frequently Asked Questions:


How much are tickets? 

Early bird tickets are only $25. There are a limited amount and they're only available until Sept 30th.  Then they go up to $35. We also offer VIP packages which include extra goodies for a higher price

Do you offer group discounts on tickets? 

We sure do! For groups of 6 or more, email for pricing. 

What are your COVID-19 policies? 

Audience members are asked to provide either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test dated from the last 72 hours in order to enter. 

Masks that cover your nose and mouth are encourages. Masquerade masks are also encouraged. You can bring your own mask, purchase one at the door, or choose a VIP ticket that includes a mask. 

Do I have to wear a costume? 

Please come dressed to impress. Fabulous attire is acceptable and Halloween costumes are encouraged. Prizes will be awarded to the Best Dressed and the Best Masked. 

What do you mean by "immersive experience"? 

Instead of just watching a show, you get to be part of it. You'll get to move around and interact as if it is a real party, in Hell, and the performers are actually deceased murderers. You don't have to memorize lines or play a character. We'll handle all of that. You just have to be yourself. 

You'll be able to meet and greet directly with performers throughout the evening, though direct physical contact is discouraged.

Do I have to talk to the actors? 

Not necessarily. Like at any party, some people tend to be wallflowers -- That's ok! We'll provide suggested questions for you to ask each killer if you can't think of any. And if you really, really don't want to talk to the actors, you can still listen while other audience members interact. There will also be periodic performances for the whole audience, so you'll have plenty of fun, even if you're the type who prefers to sit back and watch.

How accessible is the venue? 

Performance space includes elevator access and gender-neutral bathrooms. Ample opportunities for sitting will be provided. Please contact us if you require any special accommodations. 

How long is the show? 

The event runs about two hours, and audiences are free to move around the space, get drinks, converse, and use the restroom throughout the evening.

Will there be refreshments? 

Yes. We believe the most memorable experiences engage all of your senses. But keep in mind, the hors d'oeuvres we'll provide are intended to enhance your experience, rather than satiate ravenous hunger. If you have any dietary restrictions, let us know. 

What time should I arrive? 

We are working on building a world for you to enjoy. The show starts at 7:30, but the doors will open at 7:00. If you want to get the most out of your experience, come earlier. 

Will the content be disturbing? 

This show delves into the lives of real murderers from history, and as such will include descriptions of their crimes including violence, murder, torture, sexual assault, and sexual assault against minors.

Recommended for ages 13 & up.


That being said, we'd classify this show as a dark comedy. Very dark. But a comedy nonetheless, with a dash of Halloween style camp. This show was inspired by podcasts like My Favorite Murderer and Last Podcast on the Left, if you'd like a frame of reference.

Are you going to throw blood at me again? 

No, not this time. We promise. 

Will there be any special effects? 

There will definitely be mood lighting and projections, possibly fog, and other flashing light effects.

Can I get a refund? 

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please contact Audacious Theatre via email ( to request a refund or reschedule. Please give us 24 hours notice so we can resell the ticket. That being said, we understand things happen. Get in touch and we will try our best to reschedule your tickets for another night. Refunds are not available after you have attended the event.

More Questions? 

Ask away! The best way to get in touch is via email ( You can also send texts to our phone number (720-445-5242) or through our Facebook Page. 

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