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In the very near future, on a planet we are already on, Audacious Theatre presents a farce for all sci-fi fans to enjoy!

“Space Conflicts: May the Farce Be With You” is an original comedic parody production that invites audiences to experience all their favorite tropes and running gags from the entirety of the Star Wars franchise. In this light, witty romp, local playwright Rebecca Gorman-O’Neill injects enough references and jokes from the last 50 years of pop culture to make nerds of all ages giggle. Travel to the outer reaches of the galaxy to discover mystical space magic, know-it-all space wizards, and snarky, self-aware robots. 


Similar to Audacious Theatre’s hugely popular annual production of “Drunk Christmas,” this interactive experience encourages audiences to become part of their favorite sci-fi fantasies. You’ll help the cast poke fun at the characters, laugh at ridiculous plot holes, and recall everything that makes these stories worth celebrating. Purchasable interactive bags full of silly props will be available to all, and will serve to heighten all the fun Audacious has to offer in your sci-fi adventure!

Space FAQs

How does Ticketing Work?

We have "Imperial" tickets that are $20 and guarantee you have a seat. You can add a VIP package onto either ticket and you'll get extra goodies and swag and our eternal gratitude for throwing your hard earned dollars towards our production. 


Check in for the show will begin at 7:30p and the show will start at 8:00p

How long is the show?

“Space Conflicts: May the Farce Be With You” is an interactive show, with some improvisational elements. As such, the runtime can fluctuate. But it general sits between 45 minutes and 1 hour. 

What do you mean by "interactive"?

Think of it like a screening of Rocky Horror or The Room. We'll ask you to help us make some signature sound effects (like the "whoom whoom" of the light swords) and throw out iconic lines if and when you remember them. You don't have to do anything. If you're more of a wallflower, you're welcome to sit back and quietly enjoy the silliness. 


We'll also be offering "interactive bags" with props inside that will enhance your fun and ability to be a part of one of the action. They're only $5 and totally worth the joy they bring. 

Can I wear a costume?

Ummmm....yes, PLEASE! 

Can I bring the whole family?

You sure can! Like the movies it's based on, the show is geared towards adults, but safe for the kiddos. There is some crude humor. And the shows are in a brewery, so anyone who's drinking will need to be over the age of 21. 

Are there any content warnings?

There will be some flashing light effects and loud noises. 

Do you have any Covid Restrictions?

Nope. We're not requiring masks or checking for vaccinations. But if you're feeling sick please don't come. If you purchased a ticket, we're happy to issue a refund. We just ask that you let us know you won't be attending before the show, so we can resell your ticket. 

what's the refund policy?

Refunds and exchanges are available up until the day before the performance. Email us to request any changes (

Book a Show!

We can bring the Space Conflicts to you! Our fully portable production is a fresh form of entertainment that's perfect for nerdy private parties, conferences, corporate parties, and team building events. Our unique interactive format will have all of your attendees engaged with the festivities and having a good time. 

Contact us at info@audacioustheatre for booking and pricing information. 

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