Oct. 22-24 & Oct. 29-31 @ 7 p.m.

Edgewater Public Market, East Parking Lot

5505 W 20th Ave, Edgewater, CO 80214

Tickets $50-$60 per car

 Stay in your car. We'll Bring the Horror to You


The Shining Light Drive-In is hosting a special Halloween screening of the best bad horror movies of all time. But, a series of questionable decisions sabotage the event, throwing the management, employees, and audience into the middle of a supernaturally charged horror show filled with murder, masked killers, and classic horror film tropes.


Murder at the Drive-in is an original horror-comedy is designed to bring pandemic-proof fun to Halloween in Denver. Audience members will remain in their cars while the story unfolds over the radio, on the movie screen, and with socially-distanced, masked performers killing and being killed all around them.


Audience members can even choose to park in “murder spots” where their cars will finish the night thoroughly decorated with (washable) blood


Presented in partnership with Edgewater Public Market, this Denver Halloween Event invites audience members to arrive early, wear your costumes, go shopping, and get refreshments from your choice of over a dozen local vendors in the Food Hall.


Murder at the Drive-In is an opportunity to enjoy Denver Halloween 2020, while supporting small, local businesses most impacted by the pandemic. 

Immersive/COVID-19 Notes

The show runs about one hour. Audience members are asked to stay in their cars for the duration of the performance. Masks are required inside Edgewater Public Market, and when interacting with “drive-in staff.” Performers will wear masks throughout the event.  

Content Warning

This show is a humorous homage to classic horror films, and as such, it will incorporate simulated violence and gore. Many haunted house elements will be used, including blood, jump scares, and some flashing lights. Recommended for ages 13 & up.


Email info@audacioustheatre.com

Meet the staff

Hannah Belle - Drive-In Manager

Skeptical leader trying to keep it all together while it all falls apart. 

(PLAYED BY Hannah Celeste Jenkins)



(PLAYED BY Josilyn Campell

Not the brightest, but always ready to help out.  Too old for this sh*t

(PLAYED BY Jim Hayes


Aspiring social media star. dreams of being on the local news as an anchor, rather than a murder victim

(PLAYED BY Deborah Ayers


More Dunning-Krueger than Freddy Kreuger

(PLAYED BY Scott Jamieson) 

Mikey - Drive-In Employee
Norma’s older, wiser sibling. An Intellectual Satanist

(PLAYED BY Phaedra Eason) 

Freddy - Drive-In Employee

Hapless, virginal victim & spreader of Ancient evil Curse juju

(PLAYED BY Jason Toennis) 

Additional Drive-In Staff
An assortment of Red Shirts and vessels waiting to be possessed


Jackie Greenspan

Mariel Goffredi

Christopher German

Maggie Albanese

Lisa Smith

Bruce Gammonley

Courtney Cunningham

Stephanie Alderton

Andrea Alfano

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