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Van Helsing's Daughters ~ October 2018

The Van Helsing Daughters have been operating undercover for over 100 years, hunting, researching, documenting, and protecting supernatural creatures the world over. For the first time ever, they are invited guests to a private Halloween Gala in support of their work. Attendees enjoyed gourmet food in an infamously haunted Victorian mansion as fantastical women regaled them with stories, specimens, and demonstrations that will delighted and terrified.

Written and directed by Ren Manley, the cast included Logan Custer, Lisa Gaylord, Mike Holzer, Lindsay Pierce, Liz Porter, Bethany Richardson, Yuko Wells with special performances from Molly McClellan, Isis Usborn, and Anthony Stone. 

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Audiences of all ages, genders, and orientations were invited to an evening of stories, experiences, power ballads, information, and truth from the Trans* and Non-Binary identifying community. It’s a Queer Variety show with a powerful and informative passion piece by Kai Monahan to top it off. We would like to create a conversation about the realities, social injustices, hardships and joys in taking our lives into our own hands and forging a new path in our society for people to exist in all forms peacefully. This was a free benefit performance and donation proceeds went to support The Trevor Project, Gender Identity Center of CO, and Queer Asterisk.

Gender-F*cked ~ June 2018

Savage/Love & Sexual Perversity in Chicago ~ February 2018

Dirty. Sexy. Love. Audacious dug into love and relationships, both the good and the bad, with two short plays from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights Sam Shepard and David Mamet. Shepard's Savage/Love, is a collection of poems depicting moments in the experience of loving someone. Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago is a profanity-laced exploration of sex and relationships set in 1970s Chicago, following a summer fling from beginning to end. These productions were part of a Valentine’s themed evening including beating on a heart-shaped pinata and ,make-your-own Anti-Valentines.  Both productions were directed by Ren Manley, and the cast included Logan Custer, Rya Dyes, Maya Ferrario, Meredith Karre, Bethany Richardson, Eric Tofsted and Ronan Viard.

It’s everybody’s favorite Christmas tale with a boozy twist. Audiences joined our drunken cast for a beer at Fiction Beer Company as we taught Scrooge a lesson about Christmas and all its “spirits”. Drunk Christmas was Audacious Theatre’s holiday fundraiser, and the festive evening included raffles, auctions, baked goods, and Christmas Karaoke. Twas the season to get festively drunk! 

Lady Killers ~ October 2017

Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific serial killer in history, invited a select group of Coloradoans you to a dinner party in Hell for Halloween. Guests at this exclusive gathering had the pleasure of watching some of her favorite homicidal maniacs tell their horrifying tales of sadism, sex, and murder. Lizzie Borden, Myra Hindley, Aileen Wuornos, and Jodi Arias will regale audiences in word and song as they enjoy food & libations. This all female cast featured Lisa Seidel, Meredith Karre, Stephanie Kidd, Elizabeth Porter & Bethany Richardson. Written, directed & designed by Ren Manley

Drunk Christmas ~ December 2017

The Reefer Revue ~ April 2017

In a joint effort with local musicians from Contraband and a small Denver art gallery, we put together a stoner celebration of cannabis. Audiences were surrounded by weed-soaked pieces of art from local artists, while they listened to Contraband play Reggae Afro-Ska fusion originals along with stoner favorites. They then watched real-life stoners and vocalists puff, puff, pass along stories, songs, and trivia in honor of the herb. A rooftop bar served marijuana themed cocktails, along with beer, wine, soda, and capri sun. Audiences also enjoyed a buffet that included snack cakes, full-sized munchies, and a full cereal bar. The cast included Michael Gonzales, Ren Manley, Bethany Richardson, and Alison Vance.

Grimm's Scary Tales ~ October 2016

A murderous bridegroom, a vengeful sparrow, and a violent half-man-half-hedgehog named Hans are just a few of the lesser known characters brought to life in this staged adaptation of the most gruesome, baffling, and horrifying fairy tales the Grimm brothers collected. Grimm’s Scary Tales will be a gory, theatrical event incorporating projection, shadow puppetry, original artwork, and an eerie score. Ren Manley wrote, directed and designed an performance experience that was part Halloween party and part performance, with cabaret seating, themed cocktails and catering. This collaborative work featured a diverse cast of local actors, dancers, vocalists, and stage combat professionals including, Amanda Fresquez, Deepali Lindblom, Daniel Moen, Maggy Morgan, Tyler Nielson, Xander Peters, and Bethany Richardson.