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Project 7 Sins
Written by: Rebecca Gorman O'Neill
Oct 14th-29th, 2022
Lumonics Light and Sound Gallery

Sinnovation Team


Scott Jamieson as Alpha
Fabian Vazquez as Beta
Lily Fields as Delta (the intern)

The Sins


Elizabeth Porter as Apathy
Sara Stephenson as Envy
Lauren Michelle Long as Gluttony
Jason Toennis as Greed
Jay Treat as Lust
Shawna Urbanski as Pride
Macbeth Richardson as Wrath

The Crew

Crew pic.jpg

Rebecca Gorman O'Neill: Playwright
Logan Custer: Director
Joey Laughlin: Assistant Director
Alyssa Bosch: Stage Manager
Pedro Lumbrano: Sound Designer 
Rebecca Gorman O'Neill: Props Manager
Elizabeth Porter: Set Design
Macbeth Richardson: Costume Design 
Ryan Angstead: Construction Manager

Behind the Scenes Assistance
Ren Manley: Artistic Director
Shawna Urbanski: Production Manager
Teanna Mussachio: Financial Manager/Ticketing
Rachel Lowman: Front of House Manager


Great appreciation to our amazing venue!!!

LumonicsLogo (1).jpg

Very Special Thank Yous

ACE Logo.jpg
Black Bile-01.png
ARC Logo.jpg

Scott Jamieson for Fight Choreography

Lily Fields for Props Assistant

Todd Kremer for Videography

Kevin Custer for Rehearsal Space 

Taylor Custer for Choreography

Jake Hopkins for 3D modeling

Audacious Immersive Creative Team

Artistic Director: Ren Manley

Associate Artistic Director: Macbeth Richardson

Company Manager: Shawna Urbanski

Technical Director: Logan Custer

Education Development/Company Scribe: Elizabeth Porter

Financial Manager: Teanna Mussachio

Technical Support: Wendy Hisel

Audacious Immersive produces events which stimulate the imagination and the senses. Through the melding of art forms, Audacious explores the boundaries of live performance and seek to provide entertainment through immersion, innovation, and collaboration.

What's Next for Audacious Theatre?

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