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Transporting imaginative players to high-fantasy lands of elves and orcs to battle monsters and save countless kingdoms, Woodlands & Wyverns has been a staple of the gaming community since the 1960’s. Once considered a game played in isolation and dark basements, the Story Tellers of W&W now invite live audiences to participate in roleplaying spectacles of epic proportions! Presented by Audacious Theatre, this immersive event is the first of its kind, allowing the audience to roll dice in order to change the outcome of the story itself. We invite you to participate in an all-new campaign for life-long nerds as well as those just dipping their toes in nerdom and its many wonders!


With ten possible scene variances and four unique endings, no two viewings of Woodlands and Wyverns will be the same! Woodlands and Wyverns is an original work based on Dungeons and Dragons and other “nerdy” games and media. Hosted by Vision Comics, audiences will get to roll giant dice and participate in a story for the ages. Ticket holders can also build their own Woodlands & Wyverns characters while consuming the finest geek cuisine - snack foods and caffeinated energy drinks!


The show is written by debut playwright and Audacious company member Elizabeth Porter and directed by Logan Custer. It features Samantha Randall, Joey Laughlin, Jordan Aburto, and Ren Manley.

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