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Job Postings

We're currently seeking  STAGE MANAGERS to join our Team for  The Audacious 2024 Season

We are looking for people with a creative spirit to work with our team to support and execute the vision for our 2024 season. As a collaborative team, we are looking for someone who thrives in an environment where you communicate and bounce ideas off your fellow artists in multiple theatrical disciplines on a regular basis. 


Responsibilities for this position include:

  • Collaborating closely with the Director and Assistant Director to create and execute a unified artistic vision of the production

  • Assisting the Director and Assistant Director in the execution of admin tasks (scheduling, daily call, etc)

  • Attending all rehearsals, including all tech rehearsals, and all performances

  • Attending and contributing to production meetings when requested

  • Taking blocking and rehearsal notes to be shared with the cast and production team on a regular basis

  • Utilizing QLab software during performances, running all sound/lighting queues 

Skills/Experience Required for this position include:

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Decisive organizational skills

  • Clear and prompt communication skills

  • Strong collaborative attitude

  • Experience with QLab software a plus




As Stage Manager, you will be paid $200 as a stipend. If you decide/are able to aid the production beyond the responsibilities listed above and stated in your contract, further stipend amounts may be added upon review by Audacious’ Artistic Director.


To Apply:

Email your resume to along with a brief introduction of yourself and any portfolio/website/examples of

prior work you would like to share. And so we can get a better sense of who you are, tell us one reason why you love Theater!


If you wish to aid in production in any further capacities beyond stage management (sound design, lighting design, set building/design, etc), please include any and all fields you wish to contribute to and any experience/skills you have in these disciplines.


Further Information:

We as a company are in the early stages of implementing the Rocky

Mountain Artists’ Safety Alliance Community Standards for Theatre and those are

the guidelines we will be using for this production. If you have questions about

those standards you can find them in the link here.

Be an Audacious Artist

We are always looking for new collaborators!



Assistant Directors

Stage Manager

Lighting Designers

Set Designers

Sound Designers

Projection Designers

Costume Designers


Performance Artists

Visual Artists









If you are an artist interested in working with Audacious Theatre, please send your resume and an email of interest to


You are invited and encouraged to submit directing proposals as well as play submissions. Please take into account our mission statement when determining whether your show would be a good fit for our company. 

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