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Bring the arts to your kids with Audacious Theatre’s whimsical, puppet-filled production of Father Featherbottom’s Forgotten Fairytales. We are now accepting bookings for Summer 2023 and beyond. 


This fully portable show is designed to pop-up anywhere you need it, indoors or outdoors. Our handmade puppets are brought to life by two professional actors, and each performance encourages children to participate throughout. 


Our show is perfect for:

  • Schools

  • Educational programs

  • Family-friendly events

  • Birthday parties!

About The Show

Everyone has heard of the famous storyteller, Mother Goose. But she also hatched a tale-spinning gosling child of her own that she named Featherbottom. His stories have been untold - until now! We're ready to share Father Featherbottom’s Forgotten Fairytales far and wide in this one-of-a-kind performance filled with whimsical puppets and family-friendly action!


Little ones (and their grown-ups) will play along with Finnian and Florian, our magical storytellers, who joyfully invite children to participate in these light-hearted tales. Our narrators will share 5 brand-new, original stories featuring 21st Century lessons, such as self-reliance, consent, emotional intelligence, and the power of honesty. Children of all ages are welcome to participate, and will get to meet our favorite puppet friends, such as Mr. Caterpillar, the Goblin Prince, and even a dragon!

Options & Pricing

Full Father Featherbottom's Forgotten Fairytales Performance


  • Fully rehearsed, interactive performance of 5 original fairytales

  • 2 Actors

  • 1 Stage Manager

  • All puppets, props, and costume pieces

  • Set Up and take down of set pieces

Pricing starts at $500 for up to 50 guests

Father Featherbottom's Interactive Workshop

One of our actors will spend 45 minutes helping children build a performance of our original story, “The Dragon’s Fire,” which focuses on the virtues of teamwork. 



1 Actor/Puppeteer

1 Large Scale Dragon Puppet 

“Dragon’s Fire” Script handouts (for children who can read)

Pricing starts at $300 for up to 25 kids

Story Time with the Dragon

One actor/puppeteer and our our 6ft+ Dragon puppet will pay your group a visit. Perfect for birthday parties!



Dragon Story Time

Picture Time with Dragon

Dragon Happy Birthday Song

Special Dragon Present for the Birthday Boy or Girl

Pricing starts at $250 for 45 minutes


Submit an Inquiry 

Send us a message with a few details describing your event. We'll respond within 48 hours. 

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