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In the future, the fairytales we know and love have been lost. After Armageddon, humanity instead reaches for the stories that speak to their violent, dark, and puzzling new existence. Grimm’s Scary Tales invites small audiences to travel through a dystopian world where the bloodiest and most horrifying of the Grimm Brothers’ tales have come to life. Featuring slaughter, monsters, and dismemberment, audiences will need to be weary of collateral blood spatter. This theatrical Halloween adventure blends elements of a haunted house with narrative immersion to create a new kind of event for the season. 

In the spirit of the horror anthology sub genre, Grimm’s Scary Tales are brought to life by a team of women directors who put their own spin on each tale. Bethany Richardson, Elizabeth Porter, and Samantha De Rossi work with Ren Manley who and also adapted the stories. The diverse cast includes Wendy Hisel, Shawna Urbanski, Scott Jamieson, Sara Stephenson, Phil Fugate, Jeremy Denning, Tyler James Fruhwirth, & Faith Liebert. 

This experience will require audience members to walk, climb stairs, and stand for most of the performance. Contact is minimal, but blood spatter is likely. Ponchos will be available. Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie, Horror & Halloween costumes are encouraged. Drinks will be available for purchase in the tavern portion of the world prior to performances. 

Content Warning: These scenes are based on some of the Grimm Brother's darkest stories. They run the gamut from darkly absurd comedy to deeply disturbing. Extremely dark themes are touched upon, including murder, child abuse, sexual assault, and suicide. Not recommended for children under 13.

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